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Traveling art to discover the environment. Art does not stop and arrives in Monte-Carlo. With extraordinary success and complex organization, the Malinpensa Art Gallery of La Telaccia, organizer of the 10th Monte-Carlo International Art Biennial 2023, signals very promising and scrupulously selected valid contemporary artists in the vast international art scene. The Pinacoteca thus promotes an artistic journey of notable importance which finds results of great value. Inside the Hotel Métropole in Montecarlo in the Théâtre hall on 10 and 11 June 2023, from 15.30 to 19 with free admission, the exhibition will take place in which valid artists of high cultural level will perform. The exhibition will develop with works of painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, ceramics, bas-reliefs, mosaics, watercolors and computer-generated works. Like every edition, it will be possible to admire works of strong creative rigor and evident interpretative quality. It will be an engaging exhibition bearing witness to a respectful art where ever new languages, shapes and colors blend with sensitivity, poetry and descriptive force.

The Malinpensa Art Gallery of La Telaccia, flanked by a jury made up of art critics, journalists, publishers, gallery owners and collectors, has selected artists of cultural level with scruple, professionalism and commitment. It was an exciting success of participations, where in this edition sixty-two artists were chosen out of almost three thousand applications received from all over the world. Also for the 2023 edition, the Embassy of Italy in the Principality of Monaco, which recognizes the high level of the event, has given its patronage to the event. Godmother of honor will be the Artist Rabarama. In addition to the Free Theme, where the artists will be awarded a Plaque of Merit, ten artists will receive a Trophy created for the occasion by Maestro Ugo Nespolo for the Fixed Theme: "The Nature Of Tomorrow".

L'arte in viaggio alla scoperta dell'ambiente. L'arte non si ferma e arriva a Monte-Carlo. Con straordinario successo e complessa organizzazione La Galleria d'Arte Malinpensa by La Telaccia, organizzatrice della 10ª biennale d'Arte Internazionale a Monte-Carlo 2023, segnala validi artisti contemporanei molto promettenti e scrupolosamente selezionati nel vasto panorama artistico internazionale. La Galleria d'Arte promuove così un percorso artistico di notevole importanza che trova risultati di grande merito. All'interno dell' Hotel Métropole di Montecarlo nella sala Théâtre il 10 e 11 Giugno 2023 dalle ore 15,30 alle 19 si svolgerà la mostra in cui esporranno validi artisti d'elevato livello culturale. L'esposizione si svilupperà con opere di pittura, scultura, fotografia, grafica, ceramica, bassorilievi, mosaici, acquerello e opere realizzate al computer. Come ogni edizione si potranno ammirare opere dal forte rigore creativo e dall'evidente qualità interpretativa. Sarà una Mostra coinvolgente a testimonianza di un'arte rispettosa dove sempre più nuovi linguaggi, forme e colori si fondono con la sensibilità, la poesia e la forza descrittiva.

It will be an interesting appointment not to be missed, where a recurring intertwining of pure feelings takes the form of an absolute freedom of expression rich in broad content, communication and media capacity. They are artists who continually tell us about and seduce us with their art imbued with uniqueness and originality both in the techniques and in the most varied materials, in the name of a prestigious exhibition in which profound states of mind and suggestive sensations merge, an indication of a sincere do artistic. Artists with commitment and creative freedom will express themselves to free the essence of the man-artist.

Click here to find out more about the sixty artists selected for the 10th MONTECARLO INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE

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